What does it mean to champion knowledge management in our organizations?

I have based this post on knowledge management (KM) materials at UNICEF

And what is KM at UNICEF? It is “The capture, organization, sharing and use of knowledge to improve organizational performance towards development and development and humanitarian results for children”. – Global Medium-Term Strategy for Knowledge Management (2021-2022).

KM is recognized by UNICEF as a change strategy in the 2022-2025 Strategic Plan. It is one of the operational strategies that UNICEF will prioritize to support the achievement of development results.

KM Work Areas: KM is not an ad hoc activity, but should be deliberately planned to align with program, operational, or organizational objectives. The goal is to continually use KM to improve performance in:

  • Planning our KM work
  • Capture and document knowledge.
  • Create, package and disseminate
  • Manage content
  • Knowledge sharing (within the office/organization/partner network)
  • Spaces to learn and reflect
  • Retain staff knowledge
  • Evaluate the use of knowledge

What does it mean to be a KM champion? We can support and promote KM by applying the following three pillars:

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