Let’s improve the use and influence of evaluations

 We revisit Betterevaluation’s «Seven Strategies for Improving Evaluation Use and Influence» where (the peerless) Patricia Rogers tells us What can we do to support the use of evaluation? How can we support the constructive use of the findings and evaluation processes?

This is a long-standing challenge. Some may object that the use of evaluations has been the focus of discussion for more than 40 years, and it’s not something that is currently fully working. This will continue for a few more years if we are not aware of the challenges and assume the correct mitigation strategies.

That’s what the Patricia Rogers’ list of strategies for improving evaluation use can tell us about:

1. Let’s Identify the intended users and intended uses of the evaluation from the start.

When we identify the intended users, let’s be as specific as possible, and let’s be clear about who the main intended evaluation users are.

2. Let’s anticipate barriers to use. Some examples:

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